yesterday.. 23rd Feb 2011 .. i was started my teaching in photography at private school in Shah Alam..

hu3x.... thanks to cikgu siti for assist me to the classroom..

anyway.. nice to meet u guys ( to all students ).... gua amat amat teruja memandangkan this is your first co-Q subject matters in your school..

buat yang form 5 tue... volume tue kasi kurang skt bleh tak.... kasi can la pada form 4 and form 3 tue untuk dengar dan berikan lebih input & feedback..he3x..

banyak benda yang kita bleh explore.... hu3x..banyak benda yang kita bleh lakukan.. why? because time will be pass..... dan percayelah... when u born to be somebody at future...say.... at 50s... maybe your tears will flow when u all see your pictures in secondary school....

good luck boys..

Sekolah yang aku maksudkan.

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